Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn provide an inspirational guide to hand embroidery stitching, using traditional and contemporary stitch techniques along the way.

More than 4 hours of hand stitch instruction from two of Britain’s finest embroiderers! Jan and Jean provide detailed instruction with stunning visual close-ups on how to use both traditional and contemporary hand stitches to achieve wonderful textures, backgrounds, patterns and much more.

Stitches may be used individually or built up, and in combination to create line, structure, texture, movement, blending, joining, and connecting.  When combined with painted backgrounds and beaded embellishments, stitches can be used to create a visual feast of texture and color. A wonderful workshop for lovers of stitch and textile art; excellent for beginners and seasoned stitch artists alike.

Here’s what’s included:
  • Selecting Fabrics
  • Choosing Frames
  • Needles & Tools Explained
  • Threads
  • Developing a Tonal Color Palette
  • Starting & Finishing
  • Linking & Joining
  • Couching Explained
  • Bokhara Couching
  • Romanian Couching
  • Twisted Chain
  • Lazy Daisy / Detached Chain
  • Fly Stitch
  • Ladder Chain Stitches
  • Raised Chain Band
  • Lock Stitch
  • Sorbello Stitch
  • Knotted Cable Chain
  • Stitches as Marks
  • Running & Seeding Stitches
  • Straight Stitches
  • Integrating Color
  • Beads & Additions
  • Finishing – Stretching & Framing Options
  • Additional information

    Weight 175 g
    Dimensions 7.5 × 5.3 × 0.5 in