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Jan and Jean talk about how to select a theme, difficulties in starting new work, and the use of diaries and notebooks to develop your work.


BOOK 10 by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn

Double Vision shows the personal approaches of Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn in their work with lots of examples and helpful suggestions. They talk about how they select a theme, the difficulties in starting a new piece of work, how they use diaries, notebooks and discuss methods and helpful hints.

Throughout the book they describe and show the sources of their inspiration and encourage the reader to learn how to really look. As usual both books are full of wonderful coloured pictures and informative text to excite the reader in their own work or just to provide some beautiful examples to look at.

  • 28 pages of full color illustrations
  • Online Reader + PDF Download
  • First published by Double Trouble Enterprises 2002
  • ISBN No. 0-9531750-9-X