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Jan and Jean talk about how to select a theme, difficulties in starting new work, and the use of diaries and notebooks to develop your work.

In general my work is based on my observations and memories, returning to much loved themes triggered by new experiences and environments. – Jan Beaney

How to begin a piece of work is difficult for most of us. Each has to find their own paths. In this book we explore our separate pathways, challenges and obstacles on the avenue towards a resolved body of work. 

Textiles is a huge area and full of wonderful diversions so if anything really satisfying is to be achieved then focus is the only way. Themes afford the opportunity for exploring a range of ideas over a series so that the experience gained in one piece of work can be carried forward to the next and developed further.

If asked what gives me most professional pleasure then working in my own time and space on ideas that really excite me is invariably the answer. – Jean Littlejohn

Our basic approach is initially based on observation combined with personal experience of the subject so anecdote and historical perspective play a part. By working in sequence we build on these experiences and hopefully explore deeper.  We hope that these genuine reflections of our pathways echo your own thoughts and personal experiences.  Whether a series will succeed or not is obviously important but a major part of the excitement is the pathway and exploration along the way so we hope you will view these very personal accounts with this much in mind.

BOOK 10 by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn – Digital Edition (download + view online)

  • 28 pages of full color illustrations
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  • First published by Double Trouble Enterprises 2002
  • ISBN No. 0-9531750-9-X