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This book inspires you to look at gardens with fresh eyes, interpret unusual viewpoints or individual plants in fabric and thread.

Gardens and More • Book 5 by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn

Gardens are one of the most popular topics for painters and textile artists to ponder upon and interpret in various media. As many embroiderers are also knowledgeable and enthusiastic gardeners it can at times be difficult for them not to portray gardens in a predictable way. We can never emulate nature so it is often wiser to endeavor to capture the very essence, memory or feeling of any exciting or stimulating feature that first appealed to you. Some aspects could be isolated and emphasized and certain areas exaggerated while simplifying or understating others. It is not necessary to try and represent them precisely. Colors can be spectacular or pale and subtle, plant forms enlarged or simplified, scale and proportions contrived to suit you. Use the information gleaned but allow your imagination to blossom.

Themes or concepts may influence your thought processes. Warm, ‘hot’ colours may suggest a garden of love; golds and silvers to celebrate certain anniversaries, whereas historical personalities and events or fictional characters from books could easily set you on another train of thought.

The garden is just the beginning and ideas will emerge much faster than the ability to keep up with them. Here, the garden notebook will be really useful for recording information and noting down thoughts or ideas as they occur. Books on gardening are not only useful for the practical gardener but the designer might find the odd germ of an idea that could inspire a piece of work.

This book hopes to offer suggestions and ideas to possibly revise your thoughts about creating unique stitched pieces inspired by a much-loved subject. Sensuous, evocative, memorable, unusual, pretty and witty are all words that we have considered when compiling this book. We hope that you will enjoy it and better still be moved to stitch your own interpretations.

Book 5 by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn. This book inspires you to look at gardens with fresh eyes. See how to interpret unusual viewpoints or individual plants in fabric and thread. Explore the patterns and colour to be found both in the exotic flower and humble vegetable.
  • 28 pages of full color illustrations
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  • First published by Double Trouble Enterprises 2000 / Digital Edition 2019
  • ISBN No. 0-9531750-4-9