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Part of the Maker Profile Series, an intimate portrait of embroidery and stitch textile artist Jean Littlejohn, including some wonderful insight into her inspiration and methods.

DVD Produced by ODYSSEY VIDEOS, 2006

Jean’s work is inspired by the pavement just steps from her front door. Capturing the mystery of history and decay, she uses a variety of materials and an embellishing machine to transform her sketches into a finished art form. She illustrates layers of ideas, choices, colour and the designing process.

My work tends to be a synthesis of memory and observation.
Sketchbooks are essential not just for recording information but as a vehicle for exploring ideas. Quality of surface has been a driving force behind much of the work and I often use mixed media grounds with contrasting aspects such as velvet on scrim.

A fascination with travel and a fusion of past and present is a
recurring theme. Carpets and pathways have always held great
appeal. I particularly like old worn kilims where colours and patterns indicate an essence of their previous owners.

My current work responds to an ongoing interest in pathways,
but this time close to home. It has developed into an intimate study of walks from my home and the random changes and daily rhythms that etch themselves into the fabric of the path. Pathways merge into carpets to form cloths of mark and memory. — Jean Littlejohn

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