Part of the Maker Profile Series, an intimate portrait of embroidery and stitch textile artist Jan Beaney, including some wonderful insight into her inspiration and methods.


DVD Produced by ODYSSEY VIDEOS, 2006

Follow Jan as she develops her ideas and images from sketchbooks to finished art. Along the way she shares her unique approach to design, colour and techniques, employing water soluble materials with hand and machine embroidery.

Her work features fields ’five minutes from home’ and working sketches from Australia’s Red Centre and Greece.

I prefer to work in themes and keep sketchbooks to inform my
thought processes. This approach enables me to work through the
first impressions endeavouring to progress to much more subtle,
evocative responses to a particular aspect. Previously Greece, New
Zealand and Australia have intrigued me and still do. My initial reactions can take sometime to develop, allowing time to evaluate my  responses and for memories to strengthen and fade. This in turn helps  the selection and compilation process of exaggeration and understatement to formalise a design.

My recent theme of ‘5 Minutes from Home’ features two local fields. Day by day observations made throughout the year reveal many surprising features…..fleeting moments of  changing colour and mood continually transform the space. The work  references both the intense and subtle colours which partner the  patterns created by the everchanging seasonal aspects of seeding, growth and harvesting crops. — Jan Beaney

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