Watch Jan and Jean working from the same design source but creating very different pieces of work.See their design processes, sketchbooks and the artists working with various media and techniques.


DVD Produced by ODYSSEY VIDEOS, 2008

Available in PAL (UK/EU) format only.

Seeing Double is an early look into the artistic work of Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn.  Capturing some intimate moments in the studio and garden, loaded with examples of their finished work, books and methods, it’s a highly imaginative look at some of the work produced by two of the UK’s finest contemporary embroidery and mixed media artists.

This film demonstrates their very different responses to the
contrasting features, rich colours, heat and space of Australia, especially the Red Centre and Lake Mungo. The colour palette and textural surfaces of Greek islands as well as other places closer to home also continue to excite them and inform their work.

Jan Beaney celebrates the red interior of Australia and the
contrasting sharp greens of new growth in relation also to burned
trees, and rocks, in incredible sketchbook studies of differing light
conditions. She then captures the essence of these landscapes in
vibrant, richly detailed hand and machine embroidered cloths.

Jean Littlejohn takes her pavement walks into a new dimension of lace-like panels, lustrous hangings, strips and detailed braids,
many based on her travels further afield. They may display more
exotic colours and textures but are still grounded in rhythms and patterns that are universal.

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¹ NTSC is mostly found in North America, certain countries in South America, the Philippines, Myanmar, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. (UNAVAILABLE)
² PAL is used in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia.

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